Sample Collection Letter

If you look around on the Internet, you are sure to find many examples of collection letters. Most of these letters will include the basic elements listed below.


July 1, 2010Date of Letter
Valued Customer
123 Main St.
Everytown, IL 12345
Address of Customer
Dear Sir/MadamCan be made more effective with the name of actual contact
Re: Overdue Invoice #_______ in the amount of _________.Facts about the invoice
Thank you for your recent business. Our records indicate, however, that the above referenced invoice is currently overdue.A first letter will simply let the customer know that the payment is overdue as there could be many legitimate reasons affecting the situation.

If there are any questions with this invoice, please feel free to contact us. If not, please remit payment to the following address.

Your Company
Your Receivables Address
Your City, State, and Zip

A call to action and contact info.

We thank you for your business and look forward to a continued relationship.


Your Name & Title

A sample collection letter similar to this may work well as the first form of correspondence, but future letters should get more direct and start to issue potential consequences if payment is not received. See our article on how to write a collection letter for more information.

If the thought of writing, mailing, and following up on all of these letters or making phone calls seems like too much of a distraction to your business, consider using Transworld Systems Commercial Division. We have skilled professionals that utilize the resources of the largest collections company in the United States. All you have to do is submit your accounts to our online system, and we do the rest. For more information about Transworld Systems, please contact us here.


This information is only intended as advice. Please consult with a collection agency or an A/R collections consultant for additional information.

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