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Partners in Success

Client: Creative Converting
Contact: Dan Buboltz

In 2007, with over 80 years of combined experience in the paper and party goods industries, Creative Expressions and Converting, Inc. partnered to form Creative Converting, under its parent company Hoffmaster Group, Inc. Since the merger, Creative Converting has successfully transitioned and established itself as a highly respected “full line supplier" while continuing to expand its capabilities to substantially grow its core business.

We recently sat down with Dan Buboltz, Credit and Customer Service Manager at Creative Converting, to discuss his company’s successes, challenges and overall experiences as a client of Transworld Systems Commercial Division.

Transworld: What does Creative Converting do and who does it serve?
Dan: We manufacture and distribute disposable tableware, plastics and party favors for various occasions, whether they are holidays or everyday entertaining. We are suppliers to major retailers, as well as small businesses, in the U.S. and abroad.

Transworld: How long has Creative Converting been using Transworld Systems Commercial Division?
Dan: We’ve been working with Transworld for nine years. I was referred to them by another Transworld client after I first joined the Creative Converting team.

Transworld: What originally attracted you to Transworld Systems Commercial Division?
Dan: We were instantly impressed with Transworld’s market dominance among other collection agencies. Their aggressive approach in recovering our past-due accounts also stood out.

Transworld: What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced in the way of collections?
Dan: The unstable economy is the first thing that comes to mind. It’s very difficult to collect from struggling businesses and especially those that have gone bankrupt. Much of our business is also seasonal, for events such as graduations or holidays, so many times we don’t find out there are issues with our clients until they are going out of business. Approximately 20% of Creative Converting’s business is from “mom and pop shops,” which is where Transworld Systems has become such a valuable asset.

Transworld: How has Transworld Systems Commercial Division performed in terms of recovery results?
Dan: Based on a three-year average we ran internally, we have 35 cents returned to us for every dollar we are owed.  We consider this to be a very high rate!

Transworld: What are the biggest benefits Creative Converting has experienced during your time working with Transworld Systems Commercial Division?
Dan: Beyond Transworld’s market dominance, which I mentioned previously, their ability to follow-up and stay proactive with our account has been outstanding. They have been great about offering information they think is important to us without us first having to ask for it.  Transworld also has a team of bilingual collectors that makes it easier to collect on our international accounts.

Transworld: What is the best advice you can offer current or potential clients of Transworld Systems Commercial Division?
Dan: For companies that utilize multiple collection agencies, I would suggest picking one firm – Transworld Systems. To get the maximum recovery results and maintain seamless processes, it’s best to have that exclusive relationship. We think of Transworld as another collector on our team.

In addition, it’s important to place accounts with Transworld early and often so they can do what they do best. The longer you wait the less likely you are to collect. We use Transworld Systems for 100% of our placements and have found that placing after 60-70 days outstanding has produced the best results for us.

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