Building a Better Mousetrap


Bob F.

Professionals in the credit and collections business point to certain key elements that improve overall collectability of accounts once they reach the point when they are placed into collections. The factor that is nearly universally agreed upon is age of the account from date of last sale at the time when it’s placed into collections. There are, however, other important factors that should be considered, many of which begin before a sale ever takes place.

Taking Legal Action Against Your Customers


Lisa J.

Taking legal action against slow or non-paying customers is no easy decision. There are numerous factors that come into play when making such a decision, such as time and cost investments, as well as potential damages to customer relationships. There is even the likelihood of actually collecting the debt – which is sometimes no more than an educated guess – to take into consideration. That said, there are several criteria you can evaluate to determine the probability of recovery, including the customer’s: