GearsWe are hard at work on your accounts – even when most of the business world has gone home.

Whether your account is placed through our online client portal, by fax or email, at midnight or noon: when you forward a business-to-business account to Transworld Systems Commercial Division, our efforts begin immediately to recover your funds fast:

  1. First stop is the national database containing all the bankruptcies, which is updated in real time so the information received is the most up-to-date information available.
  2. Then your account is compared to the National Change of Address registry. Has your client moved recently? If so, we now have their new address.
  3. Next we complete our proprietary scan for additional phone numbers for the business.
  4. Finally, we generate a custom-blended business report from world’s largest information provider to give our agents a clear look into the asset and liability picture of your client.

How long does all this take? Well, thanks to our custom placement platform, typically less than a minute!

Now your account is ready to be forwarded to one of our fully-licensed professional commercial agents working on your behalf. Our seasoned commercial collectors, with an average tenure of nearly 13 years, then begin the collection process. This consists of not only letters and phone calls, but may also include an assignment to a private investigator to further develop the assets of the business or perhaps a collection attorney local to the placed business to make contact.

Day or night, weekday or weekend, Transworld Systems Commercial Division is on the job to recover your funds.

Any other questions about our collection process?
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