ConfusedCredit and collection managers today have a plethora of options when it comes to seeking assistance with aging accounts receivables or consultation on their internal collection processes. But after breaking through the initial clutter of commercial collection agencies at your disposal, how many are left standing that can truly meet your unique needs?

To help make your decision-making process less painful, we have devised a list of questions you should ask yourself when evaluating your current or future agency relationship. Better yet, take a few minutes to rank these questions by order of importance to YOU. Then present your highest priority questions to your agency to see if they’re a good fit. Your and their responses will simplify your decision. 

How important is it…

  1. For your agency to have an ongoing process of training, awareness and practices that protect you from debtor complaints and litigation?
  2. For your agency to orient their collections staff so every balance parameter is addressed by trained, educated and tenured collections professionals?
  3. That your agency partners with you in analyzing your internal processes and assists with developing and enhancing those processes?
  4. That your agency is fully accessible to you and your staff and that you have complete access to reports on your accounts?
  5. For your agency to offer a wide variety of services that can be customized and scaled to meet your unique needs?
  6. That your agency provides you with complimentary, value-added services designed to help you with the early identification of problem accounts?
  7. That your agency is fully trustworthy with a proven and verifiable track record of financial stability, reporting and remittance?

Tell us what’s most important!
We want to know what offering or capability from a commercial collection agency is most important to you. Feel free to use one of the questions above or come up with your own. Share your thoughts using the comment field below!