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Transworld Systems Commercial, formerly NCO Financial Systems, is a member of the CCAA

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A Strong Relationship is Built on Satisfying Results and Great Service

Client:  Good Will Publishers, Inc.
Contact:  Lesa Houser, Controller

Good Will Publishers, Inc. opened its doors in 1938 as a family-run direct sales company distributing bibles and quickly became the largest distributor of bibles in the country with sales organizations in every region.  Now, more than 70 years later, Good Will is led by the third and fourth generations of family and has expanded products and services into new niche market sponsorship programs, a restoration and growth of vital wholesale markets, aggressive initiatives in publishing and retail markets, as well as highly successful ventures into internet marketing.

“Our biggest collection challenges are sponsors who do not understand that they signed a two year contract in our programs and sponsors who go out of business since we typically sell to small community businesses,” said Lesa Houser, Good Will’s Controller.  Lesa is responsible for analyzing and reporting the financial results of the company, as well as managing the company’s budget and protecting the company’s assets.

“Good Will has been using Transworld Systems’ Commercial Division’s services since I started with the company in 1998,” said Lesa.  “We use the collection services for nine of our divisions/small businesses: Heritage Company, Ambassador Company, New Beginnings, Public Relations Institute, Family Business Services, Sign of the Dove, Ambassador Associates, Ambassador Services and United Memorial Bible Services.”

Good Will currently only uses Transworld Systems’ Commercial Division’s collections services.  However, the company is considering utilizing the credit reporting service for several of their divisions.  “Our recovery rate ranges from 13-20% depending on the division, and we’re very satisfied with our results, especially considering the economy the past two years.  On top of the great results, we have kept using Transworld Systems’ Commercial Division due to the personal relationship and great customer service we have received from our sales representative Glenn Greer,” said Lesa.

“Lesa and her team always express to me how appreciative they are for the attention I give to their accounts and how nice it is to have a partner who completely understands their programs and contracts,” said Glenn Greer, Transworld Systems’ Commercial Division Sales Representative.  “As a company, our team makes it a point to understand every client’s individual situation so we understand how to best serve them.  This is particularly important for Good Will, for example, because they typically deal with small businesses in small to mid sized communities.  The need for a diplomatic collections program with approachable collectors is huge given word of mouth travels fast in small towns.”

Lesa said Good Will Publishers has benefited tremendously from using Transworld Systems’ Commercial Division services, with the biggest benefits including:

Lesa and her team at Good Will Publishers said the best advice they can offer to other clients is to be willing to work with the collectors and accept their advice for settlements.  “Though collecting 100% of the original debt is obviously fair and the most ideal, negotiating to settle on an account is sometimes the most practical option, especially given how dramatically the economy has changed.  Transworld’s collectors do a fantastic job communicating with our team and deciding when settling on an account is the best option,” said Lesa.  “We trust them because they deliver the best results we’ve ever seen!”

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